Lenka Nota, née Foltýnová - composer, musicologist, music publicist and manager.

I engage in promoting contemporary music, and my journalistic and creative activities are connected with the broader view of the women in the arts theme.

The initial point of my music is a strong central theme which carries, in form and content, the whole composition. Its core lies in the search for new expressive possibilities of human voice, both with and without words, because the human voice is the most perfect musical instrument directly connected to human heart and soul. From the same reason, the ethnic music in general and the Moravian folklore in particular are another essential source of inspiration for me. Continuing development and working for the stage while being present at the creative process, now and here, is an important part of my work. Another source is mythology and spiritual and religious music originating in the Christian tradition as well as in eastern philosophy, especially Buddhism and Hinduism, absorbed through a long-term practice of yoga.

2017 – Premiere of the first opera Jsem kněžna bláznů (I Am the Princess of Fools) dedicated to the greatest Czech woman writer Božena Němcová, on a libretto by documentary filmmaker Olga Sommerová in Theater Reduta in Brno.

2017 - workshop with Meredith Monk in New York: Voice as Practice: Instrument of the Heart.

Since 2014 – dance and improvisation classes with the choreographer Doris Uhlich in Vienna.

1999 – stage music for the play without words Cirkus aneb Se mnou smrt a kůň (Circus or Death and Horse with Me), presented by the Divadlo Husa na provázku in Brno.

Since 1999 – member of the Authors´ Rights Association (OSA) in the Czech Republic.

1998 – co-founded the women composer group HUDBABY (MusiCrones) and produced their two CDs: HUDBABY/Hudbaby (released by Lotos in Prague in 2003), and HUDBABY/Čekám Tě! (I Am Awaiting You!) (released by Radioservis in Prague, in 2009).

1996 and 1997 - compositional masterclasses of Marek Kopelent in Český Krumlov (Czech Republic), with Sofia Gubaidulina, Viktor Suslin, and Luis de Pablo.

1997 - graduation concert with Kvítí milodějné (Love Awakening Flowers) for orchestra, performed by the Moravian Philharmonic conducted by Jaroslav Kyzlink (composition class of Prof. František Emmert at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts).

1997 – master’s degree thesis dedicated to the subject of Silence in music of the 20th century (Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno).

1993 – music for the musical Zachariáši, vypravuj nám o Bohu (Zacharias, tell us about God), produced by the Municipal Theatre in Zlín (Czech Republic).

1992 - 1997 – organist at the Church of The Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary in Brno.

1991 - 1998 – member of the creative workshop of theater director Eva Tálská in Divadlo Husa na Provázku (Theater Goose on the String) in Brno (Czech Republic).

1988 - 1998 - dulcimer player of the folklore group Brněnští gajdoši.




Forfest. Kroměříž, Czech Republic, 1996, 2004, 2018

Controcanto Natale in Musica. Donne in musica, Fiugi and Rome, Italy, 2012

Setkávání Nové hudby Plus (Encounter of the New Music Plus). Brno, 2008

Blickpunkt Tschechien. Hannover and Cologne, Germany, 2006

Komponistinnen und ihr Werk. Kassel, Germany, 2005

Gegenwelten. Heidelberg, Germany, 2003

Mladé pódium (Young Stage). Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 2002

Expozice Nové hudby (New Music Exposition). Brno, Czech Republic, 1997, 2005