• Vyšlo 09. 04. 2018

Rituals has always been a natural part of the lives of human beings. They defined the seasons of the year, family events, and were strongly connected with faith. Rituals give the life a structure and codification. Through the exact order and repetition of a ritual, things in life can be influenced and changed. The ritual teach us regularity, responsibility and patience. The ritual purifies and opens new ways. The ritual gives us hope and makes us strong. The ritual helps us stay connected with our own roots, with the Earth and the Universe; it helps us to be balanced, stable and independent. The ritual can help develop a creativity which is present in all human beings. The creativity that produced the most beautiful pieces of art, the creativity that makes the life colorful and joyful, that nourishes the soul. The creativity that leads to independence and inner freedom and is supported by love and loving: by loving oneself, loving one another, loving the world we are living in. We were given this beautiful planet to live on. It offers us all her beauty and richness for free, the same way the Sun offers its heat and light. We came here to complete the act of our Creation. Rituals, creativity and independence are some of the steps which can help us. Everything is a kind of art – it does not matter whether it is a well-prepared food or a lullaby of a loving mother. When the things are done with love, responsibility and respect, this already represents first steps to our self-fulfillment. The times we live in give us many impulses and show us quite clearly that money, nice cloths and expensive holidays are just a part of our life which does not bring us complete satisfaction. Returning to direct experience, spiritual practice, waking up to real life with its beautiful moments as well as complications, accepting our true self, the world as is, with this exclamation: „Wow! That‘s me! A perfect human being!“ The curiosity of searching for new possibilities and horizons – this can be the turn we should make to be happy and whole again, to enjoy our stay on this planet. The rituals support creativity, the creativity makes us strong, and the strength supports independence which leads to happiness.



  • Vyšlo 01. 03. 2018

Music is the Universe. Music is something that is constantly present in our lives, all the sounds, the nature, waking up of the town, the cry or laugh of a child, a stormy sky or quiet flow of a creek. Music does not need words and explanations. Music opens our heart, brings beauty and harmony. Music let us be amazed by the perfection of God´s creation. Music comes from the Universe as the biggest gift to us, human beings. Music purifies our mind and soul; Life and Love in the infinite celestial world of tones.