Ethics, responsibility, tolerance, love and respect for people and the nature have been guiding my life and my work. We were born on this beautiful planet to live, to love and to take action; to fulfill our individual life plan, i.e., to reach one’s self-fulfillment: to become free, independent individuals.

In the new phase of my life I connect all my previous knowledge as an artist, journalist, manager and practicing yogi in following the brilliant vision of RINGANA - to live in synchrony with the nature, to support people on their own individual journey, to help them realize their own vision, to become healthy and happy, beautiful human being. To live fulfilled and satisfied life. To protect the Earth, to develop human values, to use the hi-tech for something positive.

The system we are living in is old and does not correspond anymore with the lives we are living. The institutions are fossilized and dysfunctional; the medical system, through all the technical developments does not solve the main issue which is the meaning of life, and it makes us irresponsible. We have everything we can imagine, namely now and here, but we are unhappy and ill for the very reason that we are passive. Most of us are afraid to get out of our comfort zone, to spread our wings, to take responsibility for ourselves, our lives. I have decided not to be a wheel in such a system anymore.

I have a daughter and it is also for her that I wish to do my very best, so that she lives in a better world, where the nature again is strong and healthy; so that she breathes fresh air, eats healthy food, has enough fresh water to drink so that she can become a strong individual who makes a positive contribution to the society and to the world.

RINGANA shows us all, that it is possible. Following a pioneer way is not easy: you will encounter refusal, doubts, disappointments. But that is exactly why it is worth to follow it. We are responsible for our lives, for our children, for our future.